DIY Mechanical Keyboard

A mechanical keyboard with a custom layout. Acrylic body, Cherry blue switches, blank keycaps.
Laser Cutting

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I started getting into keyboards in 2016. It started when I found the Mechanical Keyboard subreddit  and was amazed by the huge variety of custom-built keyboards out there. It seemed that everything and anything could be customized: switches, keycaps, layouts, cases, and more.
The appeal of keyboards is threefold for me.
Functional:  I use my computer for almost everything I do, and my keyboard is my primary interface to my machine. I customize everything on my computer to suit my needs, and my keyboard is no exception.
Aesthetic:  I love the intersection between technology and design. Technology can't just be usable. It has to be a pleasure and a joy to use. Mechanical keyboards embody that philosophy.
DIY:  Besides software, I love building real, tangible things. Specifically, I love DIY projects that have both a mechanical and electronic component to them.

Conceptual Design

Layout:  I knew I wanted a split keyboard since I used one at work. They're more ergonomic, and let's be honest, they look pretty badass. I was going to have no function row, which meant the escape button would be missing. To account for this, I added a vertical escape button on the left-hand side.
Switches:  I love the loud, tactile switches. While there are a few on the market, I went with the tried and true Cherry blues.
Keycaps:  I knew I wanted blanks (keycaps with no letters on them). had the widest selection of colors, so I bought through them. I really liked how baby blue and vivid orange went together, so I used baby blue for my modifier keys and orange for my space bars.
Case:  Since I used a custom layout, I had a few options for building the case. I decided to go with acrylic since I had access to a laser cutter for cheap.
Printed Circuit Board:  HA! PCBs are for children. I decided to be a real keyboard enthusiast and handwire my keyboard. Sadly this was way more tedious than I imaged and was why I quit halfway through.


Coming soon!
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